Hands up if you screwed up

Sometimes I am reminded of the harsh reality that I still screw things up. It is a very helpful reminder as a Christian leader that I am not Jesus, it might sound obvious but the messiah complex is a real danger for leaders. You get a few things right and you can believe you are perfect and the answer to everything. But we are just people, people who make mistakes like anyone else.

One of the many things that should be distinctive about a Christian leader is the willingness to admit to mistakes even the ones we did not see. With this most recent one I had no idea I had messed up. But someone had the courage to say something. To come along and point out someone else’s failing is courageous and brave.

But the next move is really important. To keep strong and not accept the failing is a dangerous path, it leads to all sorts of lies, serious even if no one else knows. The best course of action is to stick your hands up and acknowledge what has happened.

The world does not need any more leaders pretending to be the messiah. It need’s ordinary people who will put their hands up when they screw up.


One thought on “Hands up if you screwed up

  1. I only have two hands but if I had more I would be throwing them up too! None of us are perfect…me least of all! “To err is human, to forgive divine” (Alexander Pope). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all not only be quick to throw up our hands but also to say yes that was a mistake but we forgive you?

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