Short hill run

Managed almost 40 miles over the last week so just a short run today with the help of my youngest. Plus a message from him at the end…

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Tough 20 Miles

Running 20 miles is tough. But some days are tougher than others. That first timer you hit 20 miles in the training for a marathon hurts. But it will get better. Five weeks to go, so should be able to get in two more long runs.

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CUF Transforming Lives

The food crisis is real and growing. But crucially we are seeing lives transformed, here’s Paul’s story…

Paul’s early years were troubled. Brought up by an alcoholic father, he fell into alcohol abuse, as well as selling and taking drugs for over 20 years. He ended up rebellious, with no respect for authority, in a cycle of being in and out of prison.

Paul became abusive towards his family. It got to the point where he wanted to end it all. He took a drugs overdose, but miraculously he was found in time. He decided it was time for a change.

After giving up drug dealing, Paul found himself penniless for the rst time in his life. He was given some food vouchers and went to a foodbank.

Paul went to rehab and realised there was something missing in his life. He decided to go to church. Straight away he felt a sense of belonging. God came into his life.

He started to volunteer and found himself helping out at the foodbank.

Paul is now reunited with his children, now works part time, and is planning to start his own business.

‘I felt very depressed, I had low self-esteem; I didn’t know where life was going to go or what I should do. I felt embarrassed and shy about coming to the foodbank; I’d never been in that position before. I never thought I’d be coming back.

‘Without the foodbank, I don’t know where I’d be. Volunteering here is a must for me. They’re like my family here. Whenever I see people here they always ask how I’m doing and they’ll help me with anything I need help with.’

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Church Urban Fund

Snow days are not no days

So it’s snowed, not just a bit but apparently it’s been a beast of a storm. But for those of us that train this is not an excuse not to run. The training has to be done. You pay now, or you will definitely pay later.

This year it is a real privilege to be running for CUF (Church Urban Fund). You can find my sponsorship page here:

Having spent seven years working in Torquay I know how important the work of the CUF is to those who are in need.

I will update my progress on this blog and share to facebook.

For now here are a few videos and photos from today’s run. Enjoy.

Marathon Training Benchmark

Having done a few of these before, I am very away of how the structured marathon training changes you physically over time. During the summer I have put on a little weight as I had to ease up from running because of a tendon injury. I forgot to adjust the diet and just kept eating, not so clever. However because of this I am expecting the training to have a very noticeable effect. I will save you from the usual before and after photos (unless someone sponsors me loads) and just give core data as a benchmark.

Current Fitness Level 29th Oct 2017 – mostly taken from Garmin 235 data.

Average Resting Heart Rate (over 7 days): 62 bpm

Weight: 208.6 lbs (Nov 2016 I was 189, that’s the effect of not running and continuing to eat the same)

Waist size: 38 1/2 inches

10k Time: 51(ish) as I was running with dog (PB was this year 44.41 on 26th Feb 2017)

VO2 Max: 46 (Feb this year I have been at 52, so quite a bit of a drop in fitness)

Let’s see what happens over the next 5 1/2 months.

Autumn Hope – learning to see


Autumn has been exploded by the passing summer.

The same colours, but magnified a thousand times over.

Nature, but zoomed in.


This time of year used to overwhelm me.

Fading colours, greying sky.

Life withdrawing, sap hiding, the slow death of autumn.


As if working through a familiar gallery.

Seeing for the first time the dusty old masters.

This time drawn into there beauty.


Summer pinks fade and fall.

Replaced by a spectrometer of pre-drop glory.

The earth awash with brilliant browns.


Something’s shifted.

Same season, but…

Now I see hope extravagantly painted everywhere.