No more prep, race day tomorrow.

There comes a time when the training’s done and the running almost begun. Some last minute checks on the gear. Attaching numbers to vests and tags to shoes. Buying post run snack and pre run energy drinks.

One more sleep, if I can. Then an early train. The usual waiting and pacing before the off. But really there is nothing left todo. Just show up and run.

I am so grateful for all the encouragement and the huge generosity of every supporter. CUF do such great work in some of the poorest communities, thanks for helping change lives.

It will be amazing to run tomorrow, the cheer of the London crowd leaves a precious mark on the heart. But more than that, it is such a privilege to run with my brother (almost 50) and mum who is 75! Some how she manages to look almost regal, even after 26.2 miles.

Someone sent me this verse from the bible:

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us!

So apt for a marathon, just wish I could have lay aside a little more weight, then I would stand a chance of running a little faster. But it’s even more true of life. We have to leave some things behind and run the race before us.

If you have not yet had the chance to sponsor me, there is still time:


Snow days are not no days

So it’s snowed, not just a bit but apparently it’s been a beast of a storm. But for those of us that train this is not an excuse not to run. The training has to be done. You pay now, or you will definitely pay later.

This year it is a real privilege to be running for CUF (Church Urban Fund). You can find my sponsorship page here:

Having spent seven years working in Torquay I know how important the work of the CUF is to those who are in need.

I will update my progress on this blog and share to facebook.

For now here are a few videos and photos from today’s run. Enjoy.

Marathon Double, Brighton and London 2016

At some point in the past this seemed like a good idea. But now I have to move from idea to reality. Bags are packed. Training done. Just got to complete 26.2 miles… twice in 8 days! But how did I get here?

This will be my fourth and fifth marathons (2008/12/15). I had entered the ballot for the London Marathon 2016 but did not get in. Disappointed but still determined to run in 2016 I secured a place in the Brighton Marathon. A few weeks later I got the offer of running for Exeter Cathedral in the London Marathon. A choice needed to be made, which one to do? Then I had this idea. What if I did both. Brighton for The Living Room, the community Cafe that is run by St Mags (the Church I lead). London for Exeter Cathedral, the city that I grew up in the Mother Church for Devon. Double Marathon for churches old and new. So I said yes to both.

Each person runs for different reason, for me it is often a way to process anger prayerfully. This is why I run. 

The charities I am running for are very close to my heart.

The Living Room is five years old this month. We give coffee, cake and bacon baps to anyone who needs it for no charge. We welcome in people from every walk of life and are seeing many people find faith and turn their lives around. It is also run by St Mags the church that I lead in Torquay.  


The Living Room Chistmas dinner in a bap, 

The Cathedral
is the mother church for the place a work – Church of England in Devon. I grew up around this place, spend   far to many evenings the worst for wears on the green. But I was always engaging with conversations of faith and the presence of such a great building inspired me. It is over 900 years old and in need of a bit of TLC. The community is also deeply engage in caring for people the town centre and my Mum and Dad are also not part of this lively Christian community. 


Me at the Cathedral with Dad on the day he became a Cathedral Canon

You can support me in the following ways:

1. Like this post (or comment) this will encourage me loads (yes this is an occasion to be that shallow)

2. Donate to one of the causes below (you are a hero!)

3. Donate to both of the causes below (you are a super hero and you have my permission to make a special costume and wear it in public just because you can!)

Marathon one: Brighton 17th of April for The Living Room, the community cafe that is run in my church. We have 80-100 people in each day we open, give away the coffee and bacon baps and make no charge…

Marathon two: London 24th April for Exeter Cathedral. It has been open for over 900 years and with your help it will be there in another 900…

Thanks Loads, Mark