Goodness at Tesco’s

Standing in the queue at Tesco’s late one night.

Normal routine, self check out or real person at the till? I was tired to the point of hardly being able to stand, seriously, I had almost fallen over twice that day, so opt for the real person.


We have meet many times before, he is a friendly bloke with a good sense of humour. We don’t know each others names, sure he could look at my card and I at his badge but it has not happened. The anonymity is part of what makes this passing relationship work.

All scanned and go to get my wallet out to pay. There is nothing there.

Normal set of questions, have I been robbed, did I drop it by the car, did I just leave it at home. Self doubt is right there. “I was sure I left the house with it. I checked!”

Seeing what had happened, the funny bloke from Tesco’s then says,

“don’t worry, you’re a local aren’t you? I’ll pay and you bring the money in the morning”.

Before I know it he has his card in the machine.

We must have meet 50 or 100 times, but we don’t know each other and here he is about to pay for my shopping. There is a goodness in people that is truly God inspired.

Whatever systems are in place to make us fit a clinical and cold system of being profitable for others, sometimes, somehow the prophetic voice of God comes through all that and goodness is revealed,even at Tecso’s.