Policeman or Explorer?

Each day I find a choice is placed in front of me. I can either be a policeman or an explorer. It seams as if there is no area of my life that is unaffected. Being a husband, dad, son, leader and friend, every place comes with an option.

Somehow being the policemen seems easier, especially when I am tired. My younger children need a clear set of boundaries and I can provide them. The box has been ticked, they have been parented. I get what feels like an easier life. But on other days the explorer takes over. Those days are filled with the unknown. Bears live under the stairs, experiments testing the laws of physics and fresh territory is taken as the outer reaches of space are conquered. Exploring is more costly, but way more fun.

As a leader there are rules, some of them are even quite important. But I do not lead for rules. When I choose to be a law enforcer, I crush people while demanding success. But stepping in to the unknown beyond the bounded safety net of legislation means that the land expands before my feet. Oh for the thrill of uncharted lands.

Policeman know and enforce the law.

Explorers know how to read the map and are willing to walk beyond the edge.

As a church leader, the safety net is to enforce the law, to protect the interests of the land owner. But this is death to me. I prefer the live in the uncharted world beyond the maps in the places where the lands are mapped beneath my feet. Exploring is better.