Better with age?

Meeting up with someone I knew twenty years ago and he still looks the same. I am not sure I understand how that’s possible and I really don’t think it is fair.

Maybe we all mellow with age but some how it was far easier for me to be with him this week than it was twenty years ago. There had been quite a journey on his part. Pain and soul searching along the way. He had always been warm and genuine, as much as I ever new him back in the day, but now even more so he is someone who was easy to connect with.

Our conversation led me to a realisation that over the last twenty years I too have left many things behind. The old insecurities and distances that I used to place between myself and others have largely gone. Perhaps even though the last two decades have left me with little hair and a body that is less active, not that I really want to admit it, I am finally comfortable in this old skin.

Today I am more at peace with who I am and who I am becoming. Thanks old friend, I think things do get better with age.