No more prep, race day tomorrow.

There comes a time when the training’s done and the running almost begun. Some last minute checks on the gear. Attaching numbers to vests and tags to shoes. Buying post run snack and pre run energy drinks.

One more sleep, if I can. Then an early train. The usual waiting and pacing before the off. But really there is nothing left todo. Just show up and run.

I am so grateful for all the encouragement and the huge generosity of every supporter. CUF do such great work in some of the poorest communities, thanks for helping change lives.

It will be amazing to run tomorrow, the cheer of the London crowd leaves a precious mark on the heart. But more than that, it is such a privilege to run with my brother (almost 50) and mum who is 75! Some how she manages to look almost regal, even after 26.2 miles.

Someone sent me this verse from the bible:

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us!

So apt for a marathon, just wish I could have lay aside a little more weight, then I would stand a chance of running a little faster. But it’s even more true of life. We have to leave some things behind and run the race before us.

If you have not yet had the chance to sponsor me, there is still time:


CUF Transforming Lives

The food crisis is real and growing. But crucially we are seeing lives transformed, here’s Paul’s story…

Paul’s early years were troubled. Brought up by an alcoholic father, he fell into alcohol abuse, as well as selling and taking drugs for over 20 years. He ended up rebellious, with no respect for authority, in a cycle of being in and out of prison.

Paul became abusive towards his family. It got to the point where he wanted to end it all. He took a drugs overdose, but miraculously he was found in time. He decided it was time for a change.

After giving up drug dealing, Paul found himself penniless for the rst time in his life. He was given some food vouchers and went to a foodbank.

Paul went to rehab and realised there was something missing in his life. He decided to go to church. Straight away he felt a sense of belonging. God came into his life.

He started to volunteer and found himself helping out at the foodbank.

Paul is now reunited with his children, now works part time, and is planning to start his own business.

‘I felt very depressed, I had low self-esteem; I didn’t know where life was going to go or what I should do. I felt embarrassed and shy about coming to the foodbank; I’d never been in that position before. I never thought I’d be coming back.

‘Without the foodbank, I don’t know where I’d be. Volunteering here is a must for me. They’re like my family here. Whenever I see people here they always ask how I’m doing and they’ll help me with anything I need help with.’

Please sponsor me for the London Marathon 2018 for CUF

Church Urban Fund

What I Think About When I Run

People often ask what i think about when i am running. It is often closely followed by, “don’t you get really bored”. I am a thinker, a prayer and a dyslexic. Often my thinking and praying get stuck. But when I run, everthing clears again. So i thought I might just jot down some of the things I think and pray about when I run… “what I think about when I run”.

10k, 44:41(PB), Sunday evening.

    • Is today a PB for my 10k.
    • The man who drowned in the harbour.
    • Prayed for LB as I have not seen her in church for ages.
    • J who said this week he “experienced” the bible for the first time.
    • Vision is like running, big plans but still only happens one step at a time.
    • Torquay homeless.
    • Turning the church into a shelter and set of business units.
    • Electronic filing (yes dull).
    • Sleepy Torquay.
    • Churches working together, reminded of the three streams picture.