The Focus of Leadership

Leadership in the local church is often problematic. You are largely working with a volunteer organisation, often with little resource and in the current climate are not much valued by society. To make matters worse, leadership in the local church is often lonely. So what are the key things that can make a leader effective even in difficult circumstances?

Jesus knew that the Father had given him authority over everything and that he had come from God and would return to God. John 13:3 NLT

Know the focus of your leadership

What is it that you have been asked to lead and what are the boundaries? Seek to work within those limits rather that fight against things that you have not been charged with. Frustrations over things that are beyond your control will not make for fruitfulness. Jesus understood that he had been given authority, clearly our patch is smaller, but he also chose to exercise this authority inline with identity and vision.

Know the focus of your identity

If our identity is bound up with other people we will quickly become people pleasers. However if the root of our being is found in God the Father we will seek to please him rather than being overwhelmed with the fear of people. In the local church there will always be pressure groups and centres of power who are attempting to hold back the life of God’s kingdom. Jesus knew his Father from whom he had come. To keep us from fear we should know him who has adopted us into his family with amazing grace.

Know the focus of the vision

The danger in the local church is to focus on something that is far too small. Things that are important to the people, pastoral care, comforting words and worship. The local church desires chaplains to walk each step with them. But the calling is to be leaders in mission. The anglican priests charge is for the “cure of souls for the parish”. The vision has to focus on those who are not yet following Jesus. To see and reach into all that the church is becoming with the people who have not yet come. Jesus knew where he was going and that it would not be popular. He had his heart set on the unpopular because his focus was on the bigger vision. The Kingdom of God is huge and expanding our vision should be nothing less.


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