Change is here to stay

Often people fear change. The familiarity of an event or place provide comfort and security. But change is constant.

If you don’t believe it try holding your breath.

Yes as some point you had to breath. New air into you body, cell dying and growing. You can help but change because you are alive.

In the local church the prevailing culture is often that of maintaining things as they are. Keeping the worship as it alway has been, whatever that was. Making sure the building is preserved for future generations. Even sitting in the same places each week.

The problem with this as in any organisation is that things are suppose to grow. This is especially true of the church which is not about about a building but a living body of people. Living things grow or they die. That mean change for the church is here to stay.

Lets be practical for a moment about how this change occurs and the routes a leader takes in bringing change.

Route one. Consult, and plan for gradual change.

The danger here is that by the time it has been implemented the church will have died and society moved on.

Route two. See a different future (vision) and start to walk towards it right now.

The danger is that some people will not like it and will leave. This has to be OK otherwise we would never get much done. The fruit is often that the people who did not want the change in the first place will come round it time. Great news because now you have moved things on and some of those who where slow on the take up have come with you rather than died.

Lastly and most importantly, follow the Holy Spirit and his timing. If he is in it then change will be fruitful.


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