Living beyond the pain of yesterday

Reflecting on a difficult year and the start of a new one. On how we can so easily slip into survival and self protection, life is not easy, but life is better than just getting through.

Living beyond the pain of yesterdaylets do life

Life leaves us hurting
Relationships are rarely easy
Parenting is painful
Leadership is lonely
Creativity always costly

Today I celebrate…. but it is not always like that

Shrink back
Pull away
Close off

Survival is key…. but living is better

God, others, self…

I don’t want to walk on broken glass, it hurts my feet…

But today
I choose to walk
Though the pain of yesterday
Towards the hope of today

Diving head first into the wounded hands of the life giver
Thanking God for the gift of marriage, of children and of friends




Leaving behind the drysuit of survival that numbed the pain

as painful are you are
today I choose


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