Frozen or fruitful?

Alarm, tea, kids awake, breakfast, back to school, coffee, tidy up…
The long summer break over,
We are finally back on it.

Sitting ready.
Almost quite.
Lid open, fingers twitch…
Back on it, online.
Send and receive…

Like a tsunami they flood in.
Likes, comments, junk mail, post, statements, requests.
Topped off by my own internal conversation of all the could and should be done.
Then it comes.

Brain freeze!

Thoughts locked down.




But this is the wrong sort of silence, the wrong sort of stopped.

Locked inside and out.

That sort of stopped.

There is a right sort, the beach, BBQ, the sunset sort.
Those happy, sacred days of rested nothingness.
In that place, the flow of the tsunami is reversed.
My mind the epicentre rather than the laid waste shoreline.

The silence of the frozen mind.
A facade for the uncomfortable truth.
Inside the waters rip and tear and at the fabric of my thinking.
Not the quiet exterior but the internal raging thought chaos of hundreds of unresolved mental loops.

We had the answers.
We created so we could always rest.
The reality is the we never leave the network.
We are addicted to this mass of nothingness and pointless likes that overwhelm and destroy our minds.

How quickly I forget the simple truth.

I was not made to be a coast ravaged by the weight of incoming water but was made to be fruitful and to produce fruit that will last.

Stand back.

Allow the wave to pass.

There is another wave coming, of greater magnitude.

Mind free.

It begins in me.


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